Customized Workout + Nutrition Plan

6-WEEK CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT + NUTRITION PLAN Receive a fully customized 6-week Workout Program and fully customized 6-week Nutrition Plan designed specifically for you by me! Let's uncover what works best for body to help you not only achieve your current goals, but maintain them long term. You'll complete two (2) detailed questionnaires to share with me your specific needs, preferences, and goals for your workouts and dietary needs - including how much time you're able to allocate to your weekly workouts and the exact equipment available to you and how diverse you'd prefer your meals week-to-week. ***PLEASE NOTE*** This program does not include 1:1 check-in's with me. However, I do have an exclusive customized program dedicated to including that accountability feature. Reach out to me via Instagram DM's if that's something you're interested in. And if I have any current spots open, I will send you the private link to sign-up!

Plan Includes

  • your own fully customized 6-week workout program

  • your own fully customized 6-week nutrition plan

  • weekly training calendar

  • record your reps, sets, & weight loads

  • access to all standard workout programs

  • bookmark your favorite workouts

  • upload progress photos anytime

  • track your body measurements

  • access to all standard nutrition plans

  • log your food intake, water intake, calories, and macros

  • bookmark your favorite recipes

  • 1:1 messaging with me (in-app)

  • community group chat with all app members

  • connect your wearables

  • track your energy burned & heart rate with Apple Watch

  • track your steps and calories burned

  • access to recipe database

How it works

  • Select this plan and submit your one-time payment.
  • Create your account and password.
  • Log in to your new account.
  • Visit the Explore tab > Customized Programs > Complete your respective customized questionnaires.
  • Submit your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).
  • Submit your Nutrition Questionnaire.
  • After completion of BOTH questionnaires, please allow up to seven (7) business days for your new customized programs to be available in your profile.
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